Welcome to Karina's website!

Karina is a powerful psychic who has honed her clairvoyant and magical ability over the past 30 years. Internationally in demand and having appeared weekly on UK television for the past nine years, she has finally conceded to demand and put together a website.

She has extensive knowledge of all areas of the mystical world, which she uses to great effect to help, enlighten and improve the lives of others mixed with a large dash of common sense and humour. It is rare to come across a psychic that will give such practical advice while giving such clarity and upliftment. Karina is one of those people that others naturally turn to for advice and help.

She uses her powers as a healer and has an intuitive gift for pinpointing the cause of physical problems with suggestions for methods of alleviating conditions in conjunction with tradition medicine. This incorporates her use of clairsentience, the ability to feel what another is feeling - a useful but not always pleasant gift!  

She has traveled the world extensively and has always taken time to explore the earth energies and mystical secrets wherever she ventures. Due to her strong affinity with nature she keeps her own kitchen, herb and wildlife garden and can advise on herbs, trees and plants for protection, love and luck. She is a great believer in nature and elemental spirits (sometimes called The Fey or Faery ) and their ability to help us when we call on them. 

She lives in Buckinghamshire with her partner and 2 rescue cats Meadow and Max. If this woman had lived 400 years ago she would have been the village cunning woman, or burnt at the stake!